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Amazon business is like any other business.
This bootcamp was done so people could expand their knowledge and learn how this business works and whether it's for them or not.
What you will learn from this Bootcamp?
-> What is this Amazon business and how does it work ?
-> How to start without failing instantly?
-> How much does it cost to start your Amazon business today?
-> What kind of results you can expect when starting Amazon business 
-> How to crush the competition without losing money and valuable time. 
-> How to avoid mistakes when choosing a product?
-> In which order to implement your ranking strategy?
-> How gain maximum success with minimum effort?
5 Modules Packed With Over 20 Lessons:
Who Are Tony & Vik And Why Should You Join Them?
Tony & Vik started selling on Amazon on October 2014. In their first year they did $1 million dollars in sales. The second fiscal year they hit $1 million dollars per month. 
Tony: “Viktor and I took our monthly sales from zero to $14,000 in 90 days. 
Just before Christmas 2016 we exceeded over $1,000,000 in our monthly sales. 
We started on Amazon without any prior online sales or business experience.”
Why Amazon?
Selling on Amazon is probably the greatest ever “Gold Rush” seen on the Internet. Amazon is a gigantic online store - of which so many vendors have been able to achieve massive growth.

There are two reasons for this:

1. One reason that Amazon vendors have a big turnover is that they are able to reach hundreds of millions of clients all over the world in a very fast pace.

On your own online store this is not possible, especially when the sales are done locally. The clientele in a single country is minimal in comparison to the size of audience you can reach through Amazon. 

2. Another important factor is that with Amazon, you are able to operate in a very fast pace. On Amazon you can test a product idea and make your sales sky-rocket very rapidly. All of this is based on Amazon's ready-made mechanisms such as storing, packaging, return policy and website.

Viktor and Toni reached over $1,000,000.00 sales per month on Amazon within two years. In this msterclass, they reveal "the formula” they have found.

Trainers Toni and Viktor: "We started to sell on Amazon in October 2014. Now after all the adversity we had in the beginning, we are now able to enjoy this kind of daily sales. On the course, we will tell all the mistakes we made in the beginning."
Our Successes On Amazon...
From $0 to $1M Per Month in 
Less Than 3 years
Sales on in 2016 in December.  This screenshot doesn't include sales results from UK, DE, CA, MX, ES, IT, FR, JP, eBay or
Bootstrapping to Success
No bank loan. No investors. No external funding. We started with mere $1,000 as our first product investment in October 2014. Our whole journey has been by bootstrapping.
$159,036.63 in 1 Day in US
Black Friday and Prime Day are sweet days for Amazon sellers. These days you will be able to feel the true power of the Amazon passive income.
$151,631.18 in 1 Day in US
Cyber Monday is not too bad either.
12X Growth in 3 Months
 March to June, 2015.

With only 5 products.
Over $120,000.00 Growth in 20 days 
August to November, 2015.
Our First Year in Business We Reached
Over $400k per Month
Our December 2015 revenue (US alone) was close to $400k.

This does not include other marketplaces.
Reached 1,500% Conversion Rate
At least 1,300 units daily sales
On May 2020, the Advertising Cost Of Sales (ACOS)
40 Employees in Germany, China & Philippines
We hired 2 employees in 2015. In 2016 we already had 20 employees. In 2017 we increased with another 20 people. There are 4 teams in total; 3 of which are exclusively Amazon teams (pushing new products to the market). Another team is Research & Development team dedicated to product development. Everyone is working remotely from their homes. We don't have any office.
We Are Building Completely Self-Organizing Company
We are pioneering the new way of work. This is the future of work.

Like it or not, this is the way the world is heading at in lightning speed and we are on the very first line making the way.

No office. Everyone works remotely. No bosses. Everyone takes responsibility for their own role. No micromanaging. People rise up to the occasion to fulfill their role the way they see as best.

Not just adapting to change but initiating change. Each team and role is doing micro-changes that bring more clarity. This is constantly evolving ecosystem. 

Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the things that drive things forward. This is true organization for grown-ups.
  • ​2 brands, around 100 products
  • ​Selling on 10 Amazon markets: US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP and CN. Soon in Australia.
  • ​ $ 1M / month in December 2016 (USA)
  • ​ $ 160k Black Friday Day Sales (USA)
  • ​1,500% Conversion Rate
  • ​At least 1,300 units daily sale
  • ​Lowest ACOS at 14.33%
  • ​Over 1,000,000 happy customers
  • ​40 employees in Germany, China & Philippines
  • ​Selling on eBay,,
ASM Event Speakers
We were invited to speak at the world's biggest training event for Amazon sellers.

Tony was speaking to thousands of Amazon sellers in Las Vegas in July, 2017.
25K Mastermind Members
We are members of the Ben Cummings and Jason Fladlien mastermind meeting regularly other successful Amazon sellers brainstorming about latest tactics.
Amazon Event Guests
Amazon invited us as their guests to their event called BOOST in New York in June 2017.

They created a booth for one of our brands to showcase a successful seller using FBA.
Two Comma Club Award
ClickFunnels invited us to attend the Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville in January 2020.

They awarded us the Two Comma Club Award for reaching more than $1,000,000 using ClickFunnels.
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