Build quickly an online business, and grow your sales in the largest “shopping centre” of the world - Amazon.
On the Amazon Mastery online course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary in order to rapidly launch your own Amazon store, even on a small budget.
During this 8 week online course, you will learn to sell your products in Amazon online store with assistance from our world-class coaches
Amazon expert,
The Insiders coach
Amazon expert,
The Insiders coach
Tony: “Viktor and I took our monthly sales from zero to $14,000 in 90 days. 
Just before Christmas 2016 we exceeded over $1,000,000 in our monthly sales. 
We started on Amazon without any prior online sales or business experience.”
Why Amazon?
Selling on Amazon is probably the greatest ever “Gold Rush” seen on the Internet. Amazon is a gigantic online store - of which so many vendors have been able to achieve massive growth.

There are two reasons for this:

1. One reason that Amazon vendors have a big turnover is that they are able to reach hundreds of millions of clients all over the world in a very fast pace.
On your own online store this is not possible, especially when the sales are done locally. The clientele in a single country is minimal in comparison to the size of audience you can reach through Amazon. 

2. Another important factor is that with Amazon, you are able to operate in a very fast pace. On Amazon you can test a product idea and make your sales sky-rocket very rapidly. All of this is based on Amazon's ready-made mechanisms such as storing, packaging, return policy and website.

Viktor and Toni reached over $1,000,000.00 sales per month on Amazon within two years. In the first module of this course they reveal "the formula” they have found.

Trainers Toni and Viktor: "We started to sale on Amazon in October 2014. Now after all the adversity we had in the beginning, we are now able to enjoy this kind of daily sales. On the course we will tell all the mistakes we made in the beginning."
During the online course you will learn 
a way to conduct Amazon sales, with which:
  • There is a low threshold for starting.
  • You do not need to have a big budget to start with. During the course, you will familiarise yourself with a method, with which you are able to pre-validate and test your product ideas, in order to avoid investment errors.

  • You do not need to have any experience in on-line sales to start doing business.
  • We offer you all the information you need in order to get started. It is, of course, also possible for you to study online sales on your own. However, during this course, you will receive all the information in a neat package (you save yourself from years of effort, not needing to learn everything through trial and error).
  • This is not about an overnight miracle. However, with hard work, you are able to reach a lifestyle and a level of income that you would not experience otherwise.

  • You do not send, or store, the products yourself - all you need, is your own computer.
  • Amazon takes care of storing the products, delivering them and dealing with the returns for you.  
  • You have freedom to live and travel, wherever you wish.
  • As the sending off and handling the products is taken care by Amazon, you control all the online store operations via your computer that has an internet connection. That enables you to live or travel, wherever you wish (in the cold season, you can ensure you still enjoy the tropical temperatures in Thailand, for example :)
  •  The whole world is your client.
  • As Amazon provides for the storage and deliveries, your products can be ordered and delivered all around the world, no matter where you are based.
  •  You do not need your own product or product idea to start.
  • On the course, we will show you how to research products that are already on sale in Amazon, as well the demand there is for them. This ensures that you will find products with a good potential to start your sales with.
  •  Make your passion your profession.
  • On Amazon, you can choose which products you would like to sell. When choosing the product category, it is a good idea to start with the area of your own interest. Therefore, you will be able to offer products that you have an expertise on! (The course obviously covers also the different methods of finding a product category.)
Amazon Mastery online course includes 2 parts 
1. 8 week online course
2. 8 weekly webinar (recording)
Every part of this course will support each other and every part of them are important when you are building up your international business. We want you to succeed on your goals.
8 week online course.
This 8 week intensive online course has helped many of the previous course students to build up an international business. 
The coaching materials can be found from the online course platform, which you can access with a computer, tablet or smartphone, by using your user name. 

You will learn step-by-step, how to open and start your own Amazon online business. How to select products what to sell and how to build the sales:
  • The basics for Amazon sales
  • Finding a great product and quick testing of a product idea
  • Launching an Amazon online store
  •  Optimising and publishing the product listing
  •  Amazon advertising
  •  Scaling: What is the fastest way to $100k monthly sales?
  •  Global sales
OUTCOME: You have your own Amazon online store, your products are listed and stored, advertising is going on and producing sales.

When the course is open you will see a module which will guide you all the most important things of the course. The own module of each week will be publish on the beginning of the week.
Module 1: On the first week you will set the base for the hole thing e.g you are planning your budget to start with and you will register your Amazon Seller Central account.

Module 2: On the second week you will start searching the product. This phase is very important and it's a skill you need to be good at. On the course you will go through progressive product search ways.

Module 3: On the third week you will do more product search and you will pick up your first product what you are going to sell.

Module 4: On the fourth week you will make your first product order and you will send it to Amazon. By the end of this week your product is shipped. 
Module 5: On the fifth week you will go through the things what needs to be done when publishing your product e.g search terms, product images and the product listing.
Module 6: On the sixth week you go through how to optimise your listing, how to make Amazon adverts and how to receive product reviews.
Module 7: On the seventh week you will learn how to maintain your account healthy and how to handle the costumer service on Amazon.
Module 8: On the final week (week 8) you will study more about the scaling and branding. You will also make a plan how to grow up and receive more than 100k monthly sales as fast as possible.
The closed Facebook group, which allows you 
to build your network - and accelerate your business.
When left sitting alone with our laptop on the sofa, we all repeat the same mistakes. This is the reason we lose money and valuable time. In coaching, we find a faster route towards our goals. We also get to know like-minded people.
On our Facebook group, we share the best tips and solve problems together. The opportunity to freely ask questions from more experienced professionals and others aiming to the same direction, carries in itself a huge value.
"One good aspect this course has, is our own Facebook group. This is a community for sharing ideas and stories of progress, for asking questions and thinking through together, how to do things. The community aspect is a fantastic element this course has."

Kimmo Siukola, Evijärvi - Finland
8 weekly webinar, which covers the topics that have 
been discussed throughout the week, and answered related questions.
In the weekly webinars (recording), the topics of each week are covered and the most common questions are answered.

It is also a good opportunity to see and hear how our coaches open those topics once again, helping you to repeat and memorize the most important aspects. 
This course helps you to take steps towards FREEDOM
(majority of people will never be able to do this).
The 3 greatest things this course, can help you achieve:
1. You can live and travel wherever you wish.
The whole point of the course is to teach you how to build an online store, so that the business is not dependent on your location (because the other parties are looking after storing and delivering the products on your behalf).
2. As a worker, the level of your income is limited. 
When working for others, your level of income is steady. This brings predictability to you everyday life, but on the other hand, you never experience rapid increase in your income.

Nowadays, a paid employment does not mean the same kind of security as it used to. Companies are moving their operation to other countries, and a huge amount of people are made to look for a new job overnight.

Of course, we cannot promise millions of dollars to anyone. Thinking about money alone, is not a good way to start anything. However, by launching an online store with a model that supports fast growth, you have an opportunity to reap the benefit of the income, produced by your hard work.
​3. Spend your time doing things you like.
You have the freedom to spend time doing things you love, whenever you want. It might mean daily walks with your children, preparing your motorbike for the summer or spending your winter in Thailand.

We do not intend to paint an unrealistic picture about success in online business. It does require hard work, commitment and sacrifices. Things do not always move forward in a fast pace, and nothing comes for free. However, if you are truly willing to change your life, it is absolutely possible.
Our Students' Successes:
Sales Screenshots from Our Students 
All this is possible after completing this course
Janne V.
Petri L.
Markus C.
Q & A
1. Do I need to be familiar of programming in order to do business online?

The business in itself happens naturally on the Amazon website. You will not be able to do any programming there, even if you wanted to. Nowadays, all the different elements of online business are gathered from existing services and systems. This means that the whole business can be built from the scratch without any programming skills, from the website all the way to international bank billing systems.

2. Is there any point to join the class if I'm a bit older already?

Absolutely, just that you are able to handle basic things on a computer and internet is fine. You can click the mouse of your computer, even when you are older. In business, it is all about the lifestyle. With this perspective in mind, it is a GREAT ADVANTAGE to have gathered some life experience (in order to be able to hold on to the reigns of your own life, as the business begins to grow).

3. Do I need to take a big loan for starting this business?

To start Amazon sales, you can start even with a few hundred Euros (we started around €1000). Traditionally, the investment has been needed particularly for product development, production, building distribution networks and marketing.
Amazon provides the distribution network, as well as the market, with which we mean the people who are looking for products daily.

4. Do I need to have a product or business idea to be able to start?

During this course, you will learn how to find EXISTING products to sell, which already have as high DEMAND as possible in the Amazon online store.

5. Do I have to have a specific qualification to be able to succeed in this business?

In the internet, no one will come to ask for your Master's Degree. In Amazon sales, every one starts on the same line. The greatest potential in Amazon, is founded on the business model, which has previously been non-existent. Every person needs to learn this models from the scratch, no matter their background.
Our Students Feedback(s)
Here are some thought about the course from the previous attendants
"The greatest thing I learnt during the course, was about evaluating competitors and how to do the keyword research."
"The greatest thing I learnt during the course, was that we all have a chance of succeeding, if we believe in it. 
As Tony repeatedly told us, the only mistake we can make, is to give up."

Full Amazon Mastery Training 
Course Details
Duration: 8 weeks.

Location: Online. An online course platform is in use, where you will have your own personal user IDs and an externally closed Facebook group.

Time: The whole course material is available to you for 1 year

Course contents:
- Part # 1: Training Materials in the Online Training Platform
- Part # 2: 8 coaching calls w/ the most common questions being answered (recordings)
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  • 8 Weeks Amazon Course
  • Training Materials in the Online Training Platform
  • 8 coaching calls with the most common questions being answered (recordings)
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  • 8 Weeks Amazon Course
  • Training Materials in the Online Training Platform
  • 8 coaching calls with the most common questions being answered (recordings)
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Amazon Mastery Training Course
Course Details:

Duration: 8 weeks
Starts: October 5th, 2018
Location: Online. An online course platform is in use, where you will have your own personal user IDs and an externally closed Facebook group. 
Time: The whole course material is available to you for 1 year 

Course contents:
- Part # 1: Training Materials in the Online Training Platform (Value € 2599)
- Part # 2: Closed Facebook Group with Coach Support (Value € 889)
- Part # 3: Weekly Question-Answer -Webin Live (Value € 779)

The value of the above mentioned parts purchased separately is € 4267.

If you don't like the training we will give you a full refund.
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