Sell your own products, and grow your sales significantly in the largest “shopping centre” of the world - Amazon.
During this 8 week online course you learn to sell your products 
in Amazon online store with assistance from our world-class coaches
Amazon expert,
The Insiders coach
Amazon expert,
The Insiders coach
Toni: “Viktor and I took our monthly sales from zero to $14,000 in 90 days. 
Just before Christmas 2016 we exceeded over $1,000,000 in our monthly sales. 
We started on Amazon without any prior online sales or business experience.”
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All this is possible after completing this course
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Q & A
1. Do I need to be familiar of programming in order to do business online?

The business in itself happens naturally on the Amazon website. You will not be able to do any programming there, even if you wanted to. Nowadays, all the different elements of online business are gathered from existing services and systems. This means that the whole business can be built from the scratch without any programming skills, from the website all the way to international bank billing systems.

2. Is there any point to join the class if I'm a bit older already?

Absolutely, just that you are able to handle basic things on a computer and internet is fine. You can click the mouse of your computer, even when you are older. In business, it is all about the lifestyle. With this perspective in mind, it is a GREAT ADVANTAGE to have gathered some life experience (in order to be able to hold on to the reigns of your own life, as the business begins to grow).

3. Do I need to take a big loan for starting this business?

To start Amazon sales, you can start even with a few hundred Euros (we started around €1000). Traditionally, the investment has been needed particularly for product development, production, building distribution networks and marketing.
Amazon provides the distribution network, as well as the market, with which we mean the people who are looking for products daily.

4. Do I need to have a product or business idea to be able to start?

During this course, you will learn how to find EXISTING products to sell, which already have as high DEMAND as possible in the Amazon online store.

5. Do I have to have a specific qualification to be able to succeed in this business?

In the internet, no one will come to ask for your Master's Degree. In Amazon sales, every one starts on the same line. The greatest potential in Amazon, is founded on the business model, which has previously been non-existent. Every person needs to learn this models from the scratch, no matter their background.
Our Students Feedback(s)
Here are some thought about the course from the previous attendants
"The greatest thing I learnt during the course, was about evaluating competitors and how to do the keyword research."
"The greatest thing I learnt during the course, was that we all have a chance of succeeding, if we believe in it. 
As Toni repeatedly told us, the only mistake we can make, is to give up."

"The greatest thing I learnt during the course, was that we all have a chance of succeeding, if we believe in it. 
As Toni repeatedly told us, the only mistake we can make, is to give up."

Amazon Mastery Training Course
Course Details:

Duration: 8 weeks
Starts: October 5th, 2018
Location: Online. An online course platform is in use, where you will have your own personal user IDs and an externally closed Facebook group. 
Time: The whole course material is available to you for 1 year 

Course contents:
- Part # 1: Training Materials in the Online Training Platform (Value € 2599)
- Part # 2: Closed Facebook Group with Coach Support (Value € 889)
- Part # 3: Weekly Question-Answer -Webin Live (Value € 779)

The value of the above mentioned parts purchased separately is € 4267.

If you don't like the training we will give you a full refund.
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